Studenten Net Twente Jinglepings


This year, we celebrated 25 years of Studenten Net Twente. For this occassion, we hosted our own Jinglepings, based on the famous

The University of Twente graceously agreed to provide us with a dedicated 10Gbps link, and host us on displays all over the campus!

SNTpings 2019 Timelapse

Thanks to Datahoarder for making the timelapse.

Join the chaos

Send an IPv6 ping packet to the following address:


All values are in hexadecimal notation. And the resolution of the screen is 1920x1080 pixels.

Example: to make the pixel at (25,25) SNT Yellow (#FFD100) with 100% opacity, execute the following command:

ping6 2001:610:1908:a000:0019:0019:00d1:ffff

Note: Jinglepings does not send a reply back.

Please be considerate of others. Any kind of abuse, like inappropriate content or or exceedingly high packet rates will lead to blacklisting of your entire /64.

Join us in on Matrix, or #snt on IRCnet.